Durable and secure digital
strategies for digital leaders

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Resiliency incorporated into initial design means less rework and lower volatility in your business and technical landscape


Protecting your customers means protecting our customers through strong security design on day one


Solution design is aligned to business capabilities and value not just technical features


Organizational change planning so that technical choices become sustainable during change

Security is Business Strategy

Safe Customer Data is a Competitive Advantage

Protecting data is important to customers and important to how you make decisions; so shouldn’t protecting it be part of the DNA of your success?

Scaled Solution Delivery

Big Business Results

We have experience in small, mid, and large business.  Our large business success allows us to extend that expertise downward into any size business and make recommendations top to bottom based on your business needs.

Digital Presence

Customers expect a certain level of sophistication in your digital presence.  Our expertise will improve how you present yourself and communicate your value to your customers.

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Our Approach


Identify the business needs


Engagement and buy-in from leadership


Frame the solution space


Transition and support the solution

A few facts about our company

Our expertise is derived from years of experience in both public and private sector engagements.  Our dedication to solving your business need is how we design our engagements.   We also are obsessed with making actionable recommendations so that delivery of your business goals is achieved.

Testimonial Snippets

… what impressed me the most was <the> non-technical skills … demonstrated excellent relationship building skills, not only with internal team members, but most importantly with our customers (joint staff and joint commands) and numerous international organizations such as NGOs, lOs, multinational militaries, and the United Nations.

… rare individuals who don’t just apply technology well but also understands how and why those technologies work …. diagnosing performance and scalability issues on a high profile project of mine was indispensable and saved our client a considerable amount of money in licensing fees.

… has a knack of taking complicated technical scenarios and with seeming little effort distill them to something actionable … helped me greatly … was able to synthesis a simple and logical approach. Most importantly …  was also able to communicate this approach effectively.

… masterful consultant with a keen ability to listen, understand and connect with his clients. Learning our business and applying his expertise, he provided highly informed recommendations to address our needs. His creativity led our unit to develop truly inventive solutions to address our business needs.

… helped focus and drive the actions of <the> team and was was instrumental in creating and setting up a framework and methodology for the business analyst team to use and follow for requirements, documentation, and user story tracking … played a key role in helping the program establish a comprehensive reporting on personnel security (e.g., IRPTA) directives … worked to reach across functional teams to bridge communications and helped identified issues on the program.

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