Small Business Excellence

. : Identify

A distributor and manufacturer for force and pressure instruments across six different industries was unable to do business online.   Their technology solution and service provider was unable to deliver the engineering and support required to maintain their online presence.   The provider had developed a web site that was adequate to service the needs of the customers but did not scale for the connected digital needs of today.  The provider also had not hardened the solution which led to automated attacks infecting the site and negatively impacting operations.

. : Engage

Galvoti engaged both the leadership and staff of the company to understand the problems identified above.  The company assumed its desired modernization efforts would need to be deferred due to the expected site recovery costs.   Galvoti worked with leadership to focus the efforts in a way that could meet all of their outcomes.

. : Frame

The company wanted to return to core operations and ensure no further compromise would occur.   The company also wanted to modernize their online presence, streamline their information flow, and expand the capabilities of their online store.

. : Solve

Galvoti created an updated information design, iterated through a rapid prototyping process, identified a lightweight content management solution that could be hardened and maintained, and delivered the solution in under four weeks.  This restored the company to operations, met their long term security objectives, and achieved the modernization they desired.