Digital Presence

. : Identify

Multiple clients have had the same problem that their digital presence was not attracting or engaging online users.   In almost every case it was a result of stale outdated content, poorly structured content, security compromises, incomplete communication of business mission, overly complex or confusing navigation, or their site did not display or adapt well for consumption on all endpoints (desktop, laptop, tablet, & mobile).

. : Engage

In each case, we worked with the organizations leadership or marketing point of contact to understand the overarching goals and gaps.  By working with the person accountable for marketing decisions, this allowed us to focus on the core marketing mission around products and services with a focus on digital presence.

. : Frame

We facilitate work sessions or workshops to elicit the details of the vision.  Through a formalized process we reshape these objectives into marketing user stories.   In addition, we create informational maps that simply the content structure and allow for focus on the content needed to demonstrate the value of the business to their customers.  In cases where security is of concern, we reviewed the sensitive data requirements and the underlying application to make recommendations around better ways to deliver secure digital presence.

. : Solve

We facilitated the work sessions or workshops and produced all of the artifacts required to perform ongoing management for the site.  We also delivered training when new application foundations are involved or changes to existing processes were required.