Change Management

. : Identify

The worlds largest intranet provider with Department of Defense had challenges with IT service stability.  We performed root cause analysis and traced the issue to un-managed and un-tested configuration changes in the live environment.  These changes led to unexpected and sustained down time of services.

. : Engage

High level program leadership was consulted and buy-in was obtained for a holistic configuration change control and communications set of processes.

. : Frame

We created a plan that required the review of technology change in alignment with ITIL service objectives.  We also included a communications, training, and certification process for any personnel that needed to make configuration change.

. : Solve

We assisted in the delivery of the IT service controls; facilitated planning, architecture, engineering, security, and advisory boards for over a year; and produced the communications and training materials, as well as issued certifications for personnel.  In the first year, this led to a 250% improvement in availability from the previous years.  The addition of controls also led to more structured and higher quality of delivery of IT services.